Nigerian (Igbo) & intercultural research

Ugochukwu Francoise

Personal publications (1975-2017)


Single-authored books


2013 Nollywood on the Move, Nigeria on Display, Trier, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 260p.

   (A study on Nollywood as a reflection on Nigeria’s difficulties and an embassador to the diaspora)


2010     Torn Apart: The Nigerian Civil War and its Impact, London, Adonis & Abbey Publishers, 168p. ISBN 1-906-70476-6

            (Updated & enlarged version of the French original, a study of the impact of the Nigerian Civil War)


2010     Le pays igbo du Nigeria, Paris, L’Harmattan, 350p. ISBN 2-296-12961-0

            (The first French publication on Igbo language, history and culture including oral and written literature)


2009     Biafra, la déchirure - Sur les traces de la guerre civile de 1967-1970Paris, L’Harmattan, 215p. ISBN 2-296-08689-0

            (A study of the impact of the Nigerian Civil War on literature and the media since 1968)


2006     Contes igbo de la Tortue (Nigeria), Paris, Karthala, 128p. ISBN 2-84586-745-X

(21 folktales taped from informants, introduced, translated into French and annotated)


1994     Enquêtes Charles Joisten - répertoire des communes et des informateurs, Hautes-Alpes (FR) 1951-1973

            Grenoble (FR), Centre alpin et Rhodanien d’Ethnologie, 67p

(A researched compilation and data-processing of localities and informants of Joisten’s ethnological fieldwork on supernatural beings in Alpine folklore, from the ethnologist’s unpublished field notes and taking into account the recent changes in local boundaries)


1992     Contes igbo du Nigeria, de la brousse à la rivière, Paris, Karthala, 351p, ISBN 2-86537-298-7

(54 folktales taped from informants, translated into French, introduced and annotated)


Joint-authored books


2004     Ugochukwu F. & Okafor P., Dictionnaire igbo-français avec lexique inverse, Paris-Ibadan, Karthala-IFRA, 272p. ISBN 2-84586-480-9

(The first bilingual dictionary of standard Igbo ever published, sponsored by the French Institute in Africa, Nigeria)


Edited Books/ Journals


2016 Ugochukwu Francoise (ed) African identities and black Britishness, African Renaissance vol. 13 (3-4), London, Adonis & Abbey, 112p. ISSN 1744-2532

2015     Ugochukwu Françoise & Abomo Marie-Rose (Eds) La femme dans la littérature orale africaine: persistance des clichés ou perception de la modernité?  Paris, L’Harmattan, 293p. ISBN 978-2-343-07429-0

2011 Ugochukwu Françoise (ed) African Diasporas, African Renaissance vol.8 (2), London, Adonis & Abbey, 104p. ISSN 1744-2532 

2005     Baumgardt U. & Ugochukwu F. (eds)  Approches littéraires de l'oralité africaine, Paris, Karthala, 334p. (a panorama of African literary forms highlighting their variety and continuity)


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